So Mr. Conspiracy Man Came Back

He posted a link on my page which was supposed to prove to me that vaccinations cause autism (a topic which we have previously argued about)

I quickly tore down his argument on the basis that:

  1. The lead investigator of the case study has an autistic child who is part of the Autism Omnibus case. This sort of research, if it had been published earlier, could have been used to bolster the complainants’ case. So there is a clear conflict of interest in the case from the very start.
  2. The link is to a website called If you’ve never heard of it, do a quick Google search on its reliability, there are many sources questioning its credibility (Spoiler: it’s not)
  3. At the end of the article, it suggests you read “the thorough analysis of the study by Catherine J. Frompovich" - I don’t think I need to point out the fact that a website called clearly has an agenda
  4. And also there’s the fact that one single study does not prove anything, if it is true then it can (and will be) replicated easily, and until then I won’t (and should not) believe it to be true

It took me an entire 20 minutes to build this argument against what he had sought me out to show me. To “open my eyes”. It still pisses me off that these people call themselves “truthers” because it makes me a liar by default. 

He did not respond to what I said. It’s clear that he doesn’t actually care about the truth, but merely proving himself right. It’s something that I’m sure is already clear to all of you about conspiracy theorists and the likes. It’s just sad though, that there are people out there that believe in these things simply because they believe them… It’s an awful lot like religion in that way. People start believing it when they are young and naive, and instead of admitting that they were wrong once they reach an age of critical thinking, they think they’ll lose face if they update their beliefs and instead cling closer to what they already believe.

It’s very anti-progress.

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